Tight skirt art page 6

This is the sixth page devoted to "tight skirt art": drawings of tight-skirted outfits, and other pictures which can't really be classified in the ordinary way. This page was invented at the suggestion of supporter RJS to give a home to the first of the pictures on Art page 1: too good not to use, but not really suitable for any page I had already. Pictures go on this page if they don't fit anywhere else, so this is their sole home. Each picture will have a caption explaining it as best I can.

Laurent's tall, tightly sheathed, dark beauty with spursLaurent: woman with very long, very tight dress, and very long hairLaurent draws a fetish beauty in an ankle-length skin-tight dress with a tight belt about her minute waistLaurent draws a cool lady posing in a ruined landscape wearing a shiny skin-tight calf-length dress and stiletto bootsa very refined lady drawn by Laurent in an ankle-length skin-tight mermaid skirt, her waist cinched by a wide tight beltLaurent's lady ignores the devastation around her to pose in her gloriously impractical ankle-length strapless sheath dress and long glovesLaurent draws a lady with a superbly corseted figure in a tight black leather suit and high heeled bootsLaurent's fantasy woman wears a huge and ornate hat, a tight sheath dress, and an outside corsetLaurent draws a cool lady in a short tight suit with a wide band around her tiny waistLaurent draws a beautifully detached model very slender in an extremely tight long-sleeved ankle-length black dressone of Laurent's lovelies in a peplum jacket extremely tightly belted and an ultra-narrow skirt poses coolly in a fieldLaurent draws a fetish butterfly in a long tight strapless hobble dress with a corseted waist and full-length glovesa wartime fetish beauty by Laurent with a red hourglass corset laced over her long tight shiny hobble-dressLaurent shows us a fetish lady in a tight black PVC dress with tight red PVC boots and gloves, a formidable corset padlocked around her minute waisttwo of Laurent's ladies in skin-tight shiny suits and high heeled boots commemorate the death of the poet Desnosone of Laurent's fetish beauties in a tight shiny calf-length dress, long gloves and high-heeled boots, commemorates the dead of the World Wars in Prague

Laurent wrote in with two large drawings, curiously embedded within Microsoft Word documents, and asked if I was interested in more of the same to write back to him. I was, and did. The pictures have a definite "fetish" feel about them, but not to the extent that they lose that elegance I appreciate. I think so, anyway. Laurent said eventually that he would contact me again with more pictures, but never did. About two years later Laurent returned briefly to contact and sent me four pictures, three of which were very suitable. I wrote back again to thank him, but again got no reply for some time. Then he got back to me telling me he had his own page, and would I put up his banner and link to it? Of course I said yes! More beautiful pictures followed.

Laurent's banner

Katharina's computer-simulated tight-skirt wearer.

Katharina already graces this page as an author. She now joins it again in a whole new genre - she is the first person to constructa 3D computer model of a woman in a tight skirt! This is what she rendered for my page.

Shanna meets the childrenSecurity guard in long narrow suit

"Chino" also features on my pages as an author. I had hosted his story "Tight-Up in Court" for quite a long time when he suddenly wrote in with an illustration for it: the picture at left above. I have also incorporated it into the story. You can contact him about his work here.

Incredibly cute Fifties-style tight dress and long gloves cartoon

Prolific contributor Victor sent me the captivating image above. Its design is pure 1950s, which from me is a great compliment - those little stars are absolutely classic features of their time - but in fact it is the work of someone active today. Artist Shane Glines granted permission for me to use this image on my page when I contacted him, but his own page has now gone down.

Line drawing of girl in a tight long black skirt and smart blouse1950s-style drawing of 'skirt with a tight hemline'A relaxed and yet highly glamorous outfitAB's manipulated drawing of a tall, slim lady tripping along in her tight calf-length sheath dressworked up by AB from a sewing pattern illustration: a skin-tight, pencil-skirted pinafore-dressadapted from a pattern illustration by AB: a plain, mid-calf-length, tight sheath dress

My contributor AB is old enough to remember my favourite period of fashion, the 1950s, and has written some reminiscences about that time. Above is his work in the field of art. I gather these pictures were made by cutting bits out of old advertisements and marshalling the results to pleasing effect before scanning.

French-looking Poser figure in tight skirt and top: 2'French' computer-generated pin-up lounging on a lamppostComputer simulation of elegant black girl in long narrow dressSeated computer-simulated model in white blouse and tight red skirtHalloween by computer: witch in long tight black sheath dressHalloween: a witch in a tight minidress on a broomstickAnother Poser figure with a challenging smile and a tight dressMatt M.'s tight skirt logoPoser image of a lady in a tight suit and high heelsFifties pin-up simulation in long tight blue gown and long glovesMatt M uses Poser to create a dark beauty in a tight red cocktail-dress with a pearl necklace and even a stole!

A new contributor sent two splendid images that he had made with Fractal Design's Poser software. This is a system for modelling human beings for use in 3D rendering programs, and apparently it now comes with built in support for tight skirts, long hair, and knowing expressions! Something about this girl suggests to me that she works in a bar in 1941, and while she is doing her pose and no doubt flirting mysteriously she is keeping some German occupying general occupied so that he doesn't notice la Résistance siphoning guns from the convoy outside and stowing them in the back room. But it's a bit much to ask Poser to represent all that :-) Many more delightful images followed, which you can see above.

You can now visit the home page of this artist, which has scans from 1950s "pin-up" magazines and also a selection of Poser figures like the above.

Kathy, tightly skirted among the roses

Rich drew this picture and sent it for me to post. I gather that the inspiration is someone he knows - enough said.

Peachy bends over and things start to happen

This image was sent by "Oogler" as as result of one of those rather complicated exchange deals I tend to get involved with through "Biker". Biker asked me to make a CD for Oogler, who was visiting him, and I did; afterwards I received the original of this beautiful drawing by post. Her name is Peachy, and Biker has obviously given the artist lessons in my strange tastes!

Ashamed in a tight knee-length skirt

This picture arrived unsolicited from an artist who calls himself "Tsorneau". He says:

However, when I asked him why she was ashamed or what he caught her doing, I got no answer.

We must have DISCIPLINE! (especially from a tight leather suit)PB's memory of a colleague who in the 1980s wowed the workplace with her smart tight sharply tailored suitsPB remembers a wedding-guest in a classic tight-waisted vintage Fifties suitPB draws an officer of the Women's Royal Air Force who had had her uniform tailored to fit her and wore it with stilettosPB imagines 'Erika' from the story on the Text pages in her tight-belted leather pencil suitPB recalls another glamorous Eighties wedding guest in a tight pencil suitPB draws another Eighties guest at a well-dressed wedding in a tight pencil suit, smart hat and spike heelsPB remembers two glamorously suited colleagues gossiping at a 1980s wedding

PB drew the first picture for me. He is a fellow fan of Fifties tailoring and, apparently, of fem-dom imagery too. When he sent the picture in he was very specific about how he imagined the dominatrix being dressed: "I call it 'Mistress in Chanel' and it depicts a rather soignee lady of a certain age practising her overarm action. I'll leave it to your imagination as to whether the object of her displeasure is a rather large soft toy, or of the living breathing variety. My sketch notes at the time mentioned a black and cream leather Chanel pencil suit accessorised as you can see by Aristoc Harmony point stockings and two tone black and cream long point stilettos of at least four and a half inch height. The blouse would be black silk and the final touchs are the three quarter black leather gloves and the long cigarette holder. The cropped bob hairstyle would be apprporiate, I think for a lady of her mien. Her jacket and bag are on the chair, as one would expect." After that he shows us his pleasant memory of how a colleague dressed for the office during the 1980s, this time in a tightly tailored asymmetric pencil suit. "LongerE" is "based on a memory of a colleague's wife at a wedding we both attended in 1982. At this time sharp suits and stilettos were back in vogue and she arrived looking like this. I must say I didn't recognise her at first ('Who's that glamourous woman with Jim???), and it was a short time before I realised it really was Sandra in there. In conversation later, she told me that it was a real Dior suit from the 50's that had belonged to her mother, and she had been looking for a reason to wear it The wedding had come along a short time after it's dis-interment. Incidentally, she was very flattered by my questions and interest in the suit and vintage handbag, which was also of very high quality. She also told me the girdle she was wearing was killing her, but the suit wouldn't fit otherwise. Jim fussed and fawned round her, getting drinks and pulling out chairs and opening doors which wasn't his usual style. Sandra warmed to the role and played him to the hilt, which shows the effect such clothes can have on susceptible males.I never saw her in such glamorous clothes again, as this was a special effort, but she always gave me a little half-smile on each occasion we later met....." Next is a portrait of a beautifully dressed officer in the Women's Royal Air Force whom he met in the early Sixties. " I noticed that her uniform was very well tailored and hung perfectly, and she carried herself like a model. I guess that the jacket and skirt were weighted from the way they adjusted to her movements and stayed crease free and must have been silk lined to do so. It was a very expensive piece of military tailoring and she was the ideal muse for it. She was in full No. 1 face as well and perfectly made up with red lipstick, finely defined eyebrows and very discreet face makeup. She topped this off with some very small gold studs in her ears, as per the regs, or as far as she could stretch them. Her shoes were finely pointed (at both ends) stiletto courts of at least four inches in height and obviously not meant for square bashing, and were beautifully polished to a seductive gleam, and as you might expect the seams of her stockings were arrow straight from the rear seam of her shoes, in line with the heel, to the point where her legs disappeared into her tailored just-below-the-knee skirt. Her gloves and bag were of high quality and this must have been a full dress occasion, as she was absolutely immaculate from the crown of her hat to the lethally polished toes of her shoes. Part way through the display she put on a pair of sunglasses and this added to her mix of military severity and feminine high elegance." After her comes a visualisation of Erika from one of the stories on my Text page. Following Erika there is another image from the 1980s wedding mentioned earlier. The next picture, of two women gossiping ("He did what?"), is from another 1980s wedding PB attended.

a lady PB once met plays with the idea of being a dominatrix at a party in a suede pencil skirt

This one of PB's pictures has so long a story attached to it that I have to illustrate it separately. He told me:
"I have mentioned Sylvia before. A lady of mature years (about early 40's then), married with two children, who was a very effective and efficient personal assistant of the old school. A fearsome lady to those who crossed her but a great ally to those who came up to her high standards. As I have said before, she could assume business suits and stilettos to the manner born, and with such hauteur that she had many covert male and female admirers within the company, a fact of which she was aware and used to subtle and telling effect. The M.D allowed himself to be positively manipulated by her, because he wasn't half as efficient and in effect she and a coterie of senior secretaries effectively ran things on a day to day basis anyway.
"She and I had accompanied the M.D to a conference in Berlin in early December 89. I was there to talk techie, and she was there to take notes and charm the customers. She could speak excellent colloquial German like a native, as well as French having been brought up on a B.A.O.R estate in Hanover in the Fifties, so I discovered later. The boss was stunned to find she could speak German so well, and in the event of tricky points being discussed, and the Germans feigning ignorance, she would charmingly explain in everyday German exactly what was meant. The customers and agents loved it, they had never met her before and she had them almost clicking their heels and kissing her hand. Both I and the M.D were greatly amused by this. The M.D left the following day to fly on to Stockholm and we had a day to kill before an evening flight home so Sylvia wanted to shop. I wanted to get some gifts for my wife and children, so I accompanied her.
"Entering a large department store to get out of the cold, we went up to ladies fashions, and at the head of the escalator was a mannequin wearing a beautifully cut black suede suit, with a back slit skirt to two inches below the knee and a tailored jacket with shawl collar. She stopped immediately and had a good look, and it was obvious that she liked it. She looked at me and I said ' Buy it now or never see it again'.
"The upshot is she did. With her command of German, she had assistants fussing round in no time, and they definitely found one that fitted her.They brought along a classic black silk blouse as well which she tried and bought and also a beautiful pair of long point black suede stiletto court shoes which enforced a straight backed stance when she stood up. I was watching her moving around in all of this, loving every minute of it, making out like I wasn't, but one of the male assistants was standing a short distance away and almost drooling. She was asking my opinion, and I wasn't going to disagree. I think I was regarded as a 'safe' bloke as she knew me to be married with children also. We were in there an hour, and even though the whole lot set her back about four hundred and fifty quid all told she was almost purring with pleasure as she and I carried the bags from the shop.
"Now to the crux of the story. The last working day before Christmas was one which culminated in a staff Christmas bash for most of the afternoon. The ladies had decided to glam up, and on the morning of the day she turns up in the immaculate black suede suit, blouse, a few rows of pearls, black suede stilettos, fine kid gloves and since it was a dress up day, what appeared to be Aristoc black seamed stockings. They were beautifully sheer and had the side stitching around the seams near the ankle so they were definitely the real thing. I noticed how they wrinkled finely as she flexed her foot in the shoes, and I was transfixed myself, to be honest. This whole look wowed everybody, as it put the usual little black dresses well into the shade, this was dressing up for grown ups. The male staff were putty in her hands and the female ones all wanted to try her shoes on.
"One of the rituals was a 'secret Santa' exercise which we had done a few weeks previously. Fortuitously, I had drawn her as the recipient of my largesse and knowing both her workplace mien and that she was involved in horse training I had acquired for her a dressage switch. This I had packed in a gift wrapped cardboard tube, and when she opened it and withdrew it the look on her face was worth a million quid, her lips were smiling, but her eyes were looking at it in a way that suggested other fun things in mind. The looks on the faces of the male staff were very interesting, ranging from apprehension to beatific pleasure, and the female staff were dissolved in helpless laughter. She strode about twisting, turning and swishing it about and the comments being made between the howls of laughter were absolutely priceless. She had had a few glasses of champagne at this point and her comments back were very interesting. I had a feeling that Mr. Sylvia was going to have a very interesting Christmas Eve once the kids were asleep.
"This is what I have tried to capture in my sketch, Sylvia the bosses P.A , definitely dressed to thrill and kill. The boss spent the rest of the afternoon fussing around and getting her drinks while she stood elegantly dangling the whip from one hand and daintily holding the glass with her other. The female staff were killing themselves laughing watching this as they could see what she was doing and she was thoroughly enjoying playing the cod dominatrix. We eventually loaded her into a taxi at five o'clock and I have never seen a cabbie get out, RUN round and open a door like that for a fare. He was most solicitous about her sitting well back also, and we wondered whether to phone her husband Dave up and let him know what was coming. We didn't in the end as we felt he deserved it. I think he had a good Christmas, as when I mentioned it the following year he gave me a queer half grin but said nothing more. Always a gentleman ,Dave....."

Tight-skirted secretary stuck in a pota stewardess in a tight pink suit meeting with a strange accident care of a large sausage and a coffee jug

Roxy Katt posted this image on the Torsti's Women in Suits club on Yahoo!, and kindly gave me permission to repost it here. The second image came from the same place. She would like to hear from anyone who has comments on this image: you can write to her here.

Party girl in tight strapless minidress wtih an inviting attitude

Dan J sent this inviting and fluent drawing,. Yes, I would have a seat, though I fear the size I am I'd hurt her!

RoadRat'draws an ageing long-haired model in her tight miniskirtthe next picture from 'RoadRat's story of the ageing long-haired model in her tight miniskirt'RoadRat's aging long-haired model poses on the steps in her tight red miniskirt'Roadrat' draws two pretty teenagers with very long hair wearing tight minidressesanother of RoadRat's long-haired beauties, standing beside her car in a long grey sheath dressRoadRat's suggestion to a hippy woman he met on the Internet who wanted ideas for how to make her long denim skirt tighter!for Halloween RoadRat draws a red-haired vampire in a tight black minidressRoadrat draws a shapely young woman with very long hair and a tight, low-cut, red minidressRoadRat shows hippy chic for hippy chicks with beautiful long hair: a classic tight black minidress with high laced bootsanother of RoadRat's Sixties-inspired fashion designs, a dark-haired lady with pearls, long gloves, a tiara and a simple tight knee-length azure dress

"RoadRat" is an admirer of ladies with long hair. In illustrating one of his stories, about an aging model, he gave her a short tight red skirt to wear. Realising afterwards that this fitted my topic, he was kind enough to let me post a series of pictures of her. The fourth and fifth pictures come from other stories. The sixth - the long-haired, denim-skirted hippy - is his response to a "hippy chick" who emailed him asking for ideas on what to do with a long denim skirt she had which quite rightly she wanted to make tighter! After that is a red-headed vampire in a tight black minidress, "for Hallowe'en." The next lady in red was drawn particularly to embellish my page. The long-haired lovely in a tight black minidress, though, is one of his fashion designs, as is the lady in tight turquoise and long gloves redolent of the early Sixties, the last period when old-fashioned elegance remained in style.

an admirer of Mrs L adapts a photograph of her reclining on a couch in tight blouse and skirt into a coloured drawing

An admirer of Mrs L sent this picture based on one of her posted photographs.

ANDRIGAUT presents a drawing inspired by the lovely 'Shinyblouse' shown as a dominatrix in a puff-sleeved feminine blouse and a very tight calf-length skirt

An admirer of former model Shinyblouse sent this picture inspired by her.

'Olddog' draws a rather worried honey moving quickly in a very tight, ripped skirtOlddog draws a tight-skirted adventuress struggling courageously with an unexpected snake!'Olddog' draws a tight-skirted adventuress facing bravely up to difficulties of Biblical proportions!Olddog imagines a bra advertisement featuring an hourglass-curved, very dignified beauty in bra and tight pencil skirtOlddog draws one of his tight-skirted, hourglass-figured adventuresses encountering a carnivorous plant

This frantically beautiful lady zipped into a delightfully straining skirt was drawn by "Olddog". He also drew her friend who found that the adventure holiday she booked wasn't quite what the brochure said - but in her tight skirt she seems to be bearing up bravely! The fourth image shows his impression of an old-style bra advertisement where a beautiful lady poses in her flattering bra and a tight sheath skirt to bring out her hourglass figure. In the fifth his adventuress is battling with a carnivorous plant.

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