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This page is the first devoted to images of tight skirts in bygone fashion only. I have assumed that everyone old enough to find this page can remember the 1980's, so I haven't included any pictures from then. All can be enlarged. I have also assumed that these pictures are too old for anyone to be concerned about ownership, but if you do not want me to use one of these images, please email me and I will remove it on request.

an expensive suit from 1954 with an extravagantly tied collar and an extremely tight skirta confident woman in a suit immaculately tailored to her curvaceous figure and tight from the neck downa model getting off a bus in the late Sixties wearing a blue suit with a cropped jacket and narrow skirta smiling blonde in a neat white suit that hugs her slim figure affectionatelya model justifiably pleased with herself as she poses in a very tight sheath dress that plunges deep at the backmodel in very tight navy pencil suit with long, extremely narrow skirt and immaculate white accessoriesa suit whose jacket nips to the waist and flares dramatically at the hips over a sharply tapering pencil skirta haughty model for LilliAnn poses in one of the tightest, sexiest, most glamorous suits ever made!a blonde model with a dated hairdo poses in black sweater and very narrow front-buttoned skirtan ethereal model in a tightly tailored, low-waisted 1950s suita young man kisses his pert pencil-suited girlfriend goodbyea charming lady from the early Sixties tripping along a city street in tight knee-length skirt and matching loose sweatera calf-length narrow dress with matching jacketsumptuously curvy model in suit with very tight short jacket and pencil skirtartistically made-up beauty in suit with dramatic diagonal jacket and tight pencil skirtmodel with very bad posture in very tight buttoned-up tweed sheath dressa confident lady from the early Sixties balances with care in the middle of an American city street in her fine stilettos and narrow knee-length skirta model in a neat hat exults in being so tightly dressed in black broadclotha gorgeous embroidered evening sheath with a tight bodice, long narrow skirt, and long glovesa model reminiscent of an air-hostess in beret, long nip-waisted jacket, and long tight skirt

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