Tight skirts of the past page 12

This page is the twelfth devoted to images of tight skirts in bygone fashion only. I have assumed that everyone old enough to find this page can remember the 1980's, so I haven't included any pictures from then. All can be enlarged. I have also assumed that these pictures are too old for anyone to be concerned about ownership, but if you do not want me to use one of these images, please email me and I will remove it on request.

from France, immaculate tailoring as only the Fifties could do it, with a pencil-slim umbrella echoing the model's pencil-slim suitformal serious style as of 1952: a model in a deceptively simple pencil suit, intricately cut to her slender wasp-waisted figuremodel in a very close-fitting suit, the skirt flaring out below the kneesa French beauty models an overcoat and a calf-length pencil skirt, posing on exceptionally high stiletto heelsa really beautiful nip-waisted pencil suit with a contrast of fabrics that would brighten any officeperfectly accessorised grey check pencil suit with black binding and buttons to bring out its shapely forma French suit that fits so tightly around the model's tiny waist and curvy hips and legs that it is hard to believe any live woman could look so goodlate Fifties glamour in a pinstripe pencil suit with a loose but firmly belted jacket and matching hat, gloves, stilettos and umbrelladoe-eyed Fifties model in blue suit with striped fitted jacket, plain pencil skirt, and contrasting hat and gloveswasp-waisted model in thrilling suit with tightly nipped jacket, tight pencil skirt, immaculate white gloves and scarf, and veiled hatwhat this model wanted in a suit evidently included a breathtakingly small waist and a very narrow skirta beautiful, very tight brown suit, elaborately tailored to the curves of rounded bust, full hips, and wasp waistan exquisite and glamorous lady from the late Fifties in a carefully cut sheath dress, its narrow and tight-skirted lines contrasting with her broad-brimmed hatimmaculately tailored hourglass suit by Balenciaga, worn by immaculately curved hourglass modela sheath dress with lots of fullness above the bust, but skin-tight or tighter the rest of the way downnarrow, front-buttoned sheath dress with its tiny waist emphasised by a belta slim, elegant and beautiful Fifties model in an exquisitely tailored narrow sheath suita model with a dramatic hourglass figure - waist squeezed in, bust pushed up - shown off by her tightly tailored pencil suitan unspeakably beautiful model poses severely in a suit with a simple but striking white jacket and a narrow black calf-length skirt

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