Tight skirts of the past page 2

This page is the second devoted to images of tight skirts in bygone fashion only. I have assumed that everyone old enough to find this page can remember the 1980's, so I haven't included any pictures from then. All can be enlarged. I have also assumed that these pictures are too old for anyone to be concerned about ownership, but if you do not want me to use one of these images, please email me and I will remove it on request.

a suit with an unfitted but nicely trimmed jacket and a very narrow skirt'Dandy suit' from 1955 with long jacket, short tight waistcoat, and long narrow pencil skirta long, extremely narrow, extremely tightly fitting front-buttoned sheath with big pockets to emphasise the hipsa dreamy model in a white pencil suit with a jacket worn skin-tight over nothingthe results of successful dieting - and corsetry? - shown off by a second-skin calf-length sheath dressa dramatically skin-tight pale sheath with a swingy traina model in a 1955 suit whose jacket and skirt seem almost as narrow as its sleevesa blank-faced model in a very narrow, tight and tapered satin sheath dressa lovely model in a matching sheath dress and long jacket of extremely elaborate print fabrica model in a very plain tight wasp-waisted sheath dress holds up her very garish leopardskin handbagsheer perfection in a devastating evening gown with an extremely tight strapless low-cut bodice and long narrow lace skirt, long gloves and all!two examples of the Fifties pencil-skirted suit, with jacket long and flared or short and tighta very pert mid-Fifties model in a suit with a short tight jacket and long tight skirt, with immaculate white hat and gloves to contrasttwo very haughty Fifties ladies in very narrow skirtsthe classic skin-tight curve-hugging suit of the 1950s with smart gloves and hata very glamorous 1950s model wearing a fur stole, a very narrow sheath dress, and long white glovesa cute model tightly buttoned into her waist-hugging tight-skirted pencil suittwo models from 1955 in tight-bodiced dresses, the one on the left with a tight skirt as wella cheerful Fifties model in a suit so tight the jacket is straining at the buttons and the skirt straining at the seams!very red lips contrast with a very blue, figure-hugging Fifties pencil suit

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